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Industrial Steel Fabrication

– Oil/Gas Pipelines and Installations
– Telecommunications
– Utilities
– Construction
– Parts Production
– Heavy Equipment

Local and Global Implementations

In a globally competitive world you need a partner that is as comfortable working in his back yard as he is on the other side of the globe. We have ye

Turnkey Solutions

The Complete Picture
Chouteau brings all the players to the table that you need to complete your project without aggravation or having to bring in

Family Owned Craftmanship

We are a family business that is now run by the fourth generation. The pride runs deep in our work, the same as it did almost 100 years ago. Today, we still emphasize honest principles and well-engineered products at the best possible prices. Most importantly, we look at everything from the customers’ perspective. Only in this way will our customers have the confidence that their needs will be understood and met.

Our History

In 1918, our great-grandfather, William Christopher Martin, founded W.C. Martin & Son Machine Shop and Welding near Boonville, Missouri. Originally, the company engineered, designed, and built machines and appliance parts for various industrial companies located in the Mid-West. However, in 1982, the company enlarged its production capabilities and dedicated its resources to the development of products for the communications industry. Rapid expansion required the company to incorporate in that same year. In 2010 Chouteau Fabricating and GlenMartin became two separate companies. Chouteau focuses on steel fabrication and GlenMartin on engineering and integration of communications related products.

The Future

Chouteau fully embraces, and aggressively invests in innovation. Our aspiration is to distinctively serve customers. A necessary condition to accomplish this is a steady stream of innovative products and services. We believe the continued improvement of current offerings and the strategic development of new ones is a key to our continued growth and success.

plasma cut steel fabricating

Flame Cutting

Chouteau utilizes oxy/fuel flame table technology to repeatedly produce consistent product utilized in subassembly work. For thinner material the flame table can be retrofitted to plasma heads to […]

metal steel welding


Chouteau Fabricating offers a wide variety of welding processes including GMAW, GTAW, SAW, FCAW, SMAW depending on your project requirements. Our welders are certified in accordance with AWS […]

cnc robotics

CNC & Robotics

Automated CNC and NC machinery throughout our shop offers intricate processing of parts utilized in subassemblies. Chouteau maintains high tolerance requirements to ensure the perfect fit to your […]

Metal & Steel Fabrication